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is the largest Greek island and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s size is approximately 8300 km2, it is 260 km long and between 18 and 60 km wide. Crete is the last barrier of the Aegean Islands in front of the Libyan Sea, so it is the southern- most outpost of Europe.
Impressive mountain ranges pile up here – the White Mountains“Lefka Ori”, the Ida Mountains that are nowadays called “Psiloritis” and the Dikti Mountains; elevated plateaus, separated by vertiginous ravines, lower themselves to fertile plains and account for the unmistakable charm of Crete.

The landscape of the island is simply fascinating: stony solitude here, well-wooded heights and lovely valleys there, lonely monasteries and villages. Steep, rugged rock coasts and soft beach with soft sand or pebble directly beside it. Thousands of olive trees, spread over all of the island, are very characteristic too. Every visitor finds the beach of his choice on Crete. Fine sandy beach, pebbly beach or rock plateau, everything can be found here. Both this and the averagely 300 days of sun per annum made Crete the most popular holiday island of Greece.

Beautiful, sometimes solitary sandy or pebbly beaches with crystal-clear, very clean water can especially be found between the high cliffs in the south of the island can be found as well.

Anyone who wants to experience the primal Crete is in the right place here. It is possible to get to know typical Cretan mountain villages during a small tour in the mountains.

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Experience Crete with your rental car

Enjoy the beautiful scenery around Agia Galini with your rental car. Drive with your rental car to the spectacular beaches of our island, surrounded by sparkling Libyan Sea, where it is still possible to find a secluded bay during the summer season.

It is a good idea to tour the archaeological museum and the excavation site of Knossós in Iráklion if you want to learn something about the Cretan history. There is no other museum in the world that displays as many findings from the minoic times.

Even the minoic palace of Knossós is well worth a visit. If the journey (by car approximately 1,5 h from Agia Galini) seems too long for your taste, consider paying a visit to Festós. This excavation site is located in the Messará plain.

We recommend a combined tour including visits to Matala and Festós.

Discover Crete on your own
Travel to Matala
Visit our beautifull cretan beaches

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